Robertson Technology markets its’ products and services internationally from a base in Western Australia, with a focus on energy efficiency and associated environmental benefits. To date we have provided products and services to 15 countries.

There is a worldwide requirement for the accurate monitoring of pump and blower efficiency and flow rate, to keep pumps and blowers in optimum condition, and thereby reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve plant reliability, and alleviate greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy degrades to heat, and measurement of the differential temperature (often to an accuracy of one thousandth of a degree C) and pressure across a pump or blower gives its efficiency, by a thermodynamic method (change in enthalpy). Measurement of electrical power then provides the flow rate.

Both portable units and fixed installations are available.

Portable units are used for investigative work and regular monitoring. They are purchased by organizations with large numbers of pumping systems, e.g. water utilities, power stations, mines, heavy industry, or by pump-related industries who wish to offer pump testing services.

Fixed installations provide on-line predictive monitoring of critical and higher power pumps, giving early warning of pumping problems and reduced risk of plant failure. They can be interfaced with pump scheduling and pump station optimisation software, which selects pump combinations to achieve the pumping requirement with lowest electricity costs.

Pump and blower test services are also offered. To date the fluids we are able to test include water, sea-water, brine, and air. It is also possible to test hydrocarbons under certain circumstances.

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