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Onshore and offshore. Testing, removing, cleaning, profiling. Innovative blasting technology

that ensures the best possible bond. The world’s best coatings and sealants deserve the best surface preparation.

Absolutely Gründlich for longterm sustainable protection of your assets.
MontiPower®, preparation from scratch!

Montipower Bristle Blaster - Surface Preparation Technology

Advantages and Performance of the Bristle Blaster® Technology
Removal of corrosion, mill scale and defunct protective coatings with a surface cleanliness similar to SA 2.5 (NACE No.2/SSPC-SP10 to SA 3 (NACE No.1/SSPC-SP5))

Restores surface to DIN EN ISO 8501-1 / SA 2.5 to SA 3.

Surface texture / Anchor profile up to 120µm (Rz) / 4.72 mils

Roughness capability from 40- 120µm Rz / 1.57 – 4.72mils .Also in areas where blasting is not permitted. Applies for non-ferrous metals as well.

Improved integrity of treated surfaces

Generates compressive residual stress along treated surfaces providing crack growth resistance, improved fatigue life, and improved corrosion resistance.

Negligible heat generation

Surfaces free of thermal damage and/or heat marking.

Eco Friendly

GREEN surface preparation, does not use/produce hazardous materials. Low energy requirements.

Simple and Economical

Eliminates the need for complex and costly abrasive blast equipment. Benefits include:

    • No recycling costs for contaminated blasting abrasives
    • Avoidance of major transport costs of the blasting abrasives
    • Rapid commissioning
    • Continuous in-service operation due to ergonomic low system vibration (Vibration test)
    • Low vibrations (Vibration test)
    • No costly protective clothing required
    • A light and ergonomic design allows continuous operation with minimal fatigue
    • Low noise levels
    • ATEX approved for use in zone 1(Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic) according Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X
Functionality of the Bristle Blaster® Technology

The rotating bristles are dynamically tuned to the power tool resulting in an impact and immediate retraction of the bristle tips from the working surface (see video below).

The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with a kinetic energy that is equivalent to grit blast media, thereby generating a texture and visual cleanliness that mimics the grit blasting process.

The results of further independent studies about the Bristle Blaster® Technology can be found in Press.

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MontiPower MBX - Surface Preparation Technology

MBX® Surface Preparation Systems – the problem solvers

Easy handling, fast job performance, variety of uses, combined with an optimal price-performance ratio results in reliable quality, long service life and safety, all of which gives MONTI a unique position in the international market for surface preparation.

Patented technology

MBX® Systems are different from conventional surface preparation systems in that MBX® Systems are based on several physical principles. Flexible belts are inserted loosely into a cage-like adaptor system and secured with safety arms. The centrifugal force created by rotation causes the belt to tighten and work as if suspended on an air cushion.

Vibration-free operation

The vibration of the wire bristles that occurs when the bristles strike the target surface is absorbed by the air-cushion. The bristles re-strike the target surface at rest (without vibration). This achieves the maximum kinetic energy.

MBX® Belt Technology

MBX® Belts consist of individual, U-shaped bristles anchored in a polyamide fabric. Made of carbon spring steel, the bristles have heat treated tips that strike the target surface individually during rotation.

High safety level: The bristles are U-shaped anchored in the polyamide fabric.
No heat development: Avoid toxic fumes and no smearing during the removal of sticky materials
(e.g. removal of underbody coatings in the automotive industry).
No grinding: No removal of healthy material, no deformations.
Flexibility: High degree of adaptability when working on contoured areas or areas with sharp edges.
Optimal performance: Because of their design, each bristle tip strikes the target surface twice per rotation.
Long service life: Specially heat-treated bristle tips with a hardness up to 68 HRC (Rockwell hardness)
provide for a level of hardness never before achieved with conventional brush technology.

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